About us

Hello there! Thank you for wanting to know more about our little shop!

BrithzyCrafts is an online shop ran by Bruna (that's me!!). I run my little shop from my home in Portugal.

And if you're wondering why I always say ''our'', or ''we'', well it's actually pretty simple. While I run the shop, design the products and pack orders, I wouldn't be where I am without:

  • My parents, with all their support;
  • My friends, who help me with anything from just screaming to building this whole page;
  • My customers (seriously, what would I really be without you all?!)

So this is not only ''my shop''. It is ours. Thank you for going on this adventure with me!


You are always welcome to write me with your ideas or any happy thoughts!

(Include your IG handle if you wish to be tagged)